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My Uncle Ocie! A huge influence in my life.  When on my way back to college,  I would call to let him know I was headed back and he always directed, “Stop by the house. I got something for you.”  After greeting me, he would give a long lecture about life, yet I knew at the end he was going to hand over money to help.  This small act of love was not new.  He did this for all his nieces and nephews, friends, and coworkers.  My family's tradition of humbly giving to those in need is a tradition learned from my grandparents, Lenious and Mattie Johnson.

Years later, a few months after Uncle Ocie transitioned to Heaven, I married the love of my life, Kelvin, a Veteran who served on the U.S.S. Bergall. The following year, Kelvin suffered and survived a hemorrhagic stroke.  As his wife/caregiver, I began to advocate and learned to utilize  myhealthevet to communicate with the VA Clinic in Dallas, order refills for prescriptions, and ask questions directly to his medical team in the secure message center. 

During the pandemic we were able to implement telehealth visits, facetime with family, and zoom Bible Study and activities online with the adult center.  We also utilized Microsoft Teams as a tool during speech therapy sessions with the Callier Center at UT Dallas in Richardson.  

The local VA writes consults for services with a health care professionals.  Often during visits our aide and the nurse would express frustration about the limits to time because each has to assist with ordering prescriptions, making inquiries about care and helping to pay bills , shopping, and other necessities, all through a client's phone. The CNA has shared how one Veteran has no Internet. He or the aide often spends time on hold calling the VA, struggling to contact the pharmacy,  trying to book rides to appointments, paying/arranging bills or attempting to contact a social worker.  This Veteran’s social time is spent mainly just sitting at home.  I often reflect how much richer his life would be with technological access, so I began to ask God for guidance.  How could I serve those who served?  

 In 1 Corinthians 12:31, Paul encourages Christians to “eagerly desire the greater gifts''. We should each pray and ask God to reveal our spiritual gifts so that we can use them for the greater good of the body of Christ. Each faith charges us to make a positive difference. Tech4Heroes seeks to provide assistance to those underserved in the Metroplex and rural areas. Access to technology would increase manageability of day to day activities for so many Veterans. 

We want to help each to acquire the support needed for accessing the VA, the tool to address basic necessities like transportation and shopping, as well as present opportunities for social interaction. The seeds planted by Church and family helped conceive the idea of Tech4Heroes’  mission: utilize the opportunity to serve those who have served in order to make life less complex. 

Yolonda Williams, Servant Leader

Tech4Heroes Services

Our Services

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We Care

To care is rooted in the desire to serve others generously.  How better to serve than to serve those who gave so that each of us get to enjoy certain freedoms.  Putting others first is the ultimate act of humility.  We hope to make that roster of those who provided a service to those who served.


We Communicate

Communication is a tool that connects people through conversations, discussing ones similarities and ones differences.  Through acting on the Tech4Heroes talking points , we strive for clarity and progress in underserved areas.


We Connect

Each person who wants to leave a legacy has the desire to create change and make an impact.  Through connecting sources and Veterans, we hope to improve the lives of those military retirees who live in areas where connections will make a daily impact.

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